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Golden Cheetah – Development Builds

Remember, these are "release" builds of the current development code.


Category: Mac (PPC)

Download the development build based on commit: 9109eb616f910e64ad74

Changes in this build:

Fix crash in AllPlot on Manual Ride
When a manual ride is selected whilst on allplot it will refresh the plots, but computes invalid offsets into the ride data. this patch fixes this crash.

Fixes #128.

Fix gcc 4.5 compile errors
Gcc 4.5 considers explicit calls to object constructors to be errors. This patch corrects these to enable building using this current release of the GNU C++ compiler. This is required to support building on Windows with the current Qt 4.6 sdk since it includes gcc 4.5.

It is worth noting that this relese of the GNU compiler also spots two or three uninitialised variables too, I will correct these at a later date.

Download the development build based on commit: 02fe34216dcf9f29f920

Changes in this build:

Fix lots of SEGV in AllPlot for new cyclist (rideItem is null).

Updating stack zoom control enabling logic.

Download the development build based on commit: 2962fce0b7211317080b

Changes in this build:

Scrolling AllPlot and Tooltip

Introduce a span-slider on the normal Ride Plot chart to enable users to select a range to plot and scroll left and right. The zoom to interval function now uses this slider rather than setting a zoom range. Tooltips are now displayed on the normal and stacked views to assist in reviewing specific data points.

Old style zooming still works as expected, but scrolling at a zoom level is not yet implemented.

The qxt widget ‘QxtSpanSlider’ has been placed in the top level directory (GoldenCheetah/qxt) alongside the qwt widgets to avoid adding another dependency.

A number of optimizations have also been introduced to speed up plotting in general. A new color setting for the thumbnail plot has also been introduced. Refresh of the plot when data is changed in the editor has been fixed. The zoom scale up/down widgets are also disabled when in normal mode to avoid the bug highlighted by Robert Carlsen.

Fixes #122.

The Mac builds are now current with the Windows and Linux builds. See the 2010-07-06 post or go to the Download latest builds page.

With thanks to Jamie Kimberley, this site should now have a steady stream of Mac development builds.

It has all the features that are listed in the Windows build that was done on 2010-06-06.
Based on commit: 06e44b8d4760181e7bee

On Mac OS X, when the download finishes, Mac OS X should automatically open the .dmg file for you. If not, double-click to open it. Drag the GoldenCheetah icon into your Applications folder, and you’re done.

Download the Intel version here: GoldenCheetah-Intel.dmg (~38M)
Download the Power PC version here: GoldenCheetah-PPC.dmg (~40M)