Download the development build based on commit: 2962fce0b7211317080b

Changes in this build:

Scrolling AllPlot and Tooltip

Introduce a span-slider on the normal Ride Plot chart to enable users to select a range to plot and scroll left and right. The zoom to interval function now uses this slider rather than setting a zoom range. Tooltips are now displayed on the normal and stacked views to assist in reviewing specific data points.

Old style zooming still works as expected, but scrolling at a zoom level is not yet implemented.

The qxt widget ‘QxtSpanSlider’ has been placed in the top level directory (GoldenCheetah/qxt) alongside the qwt widgets to avoid adding another dependency.

A number of optimizations have also been introduced to speed up plotting in general. A new color setting for the thumbnail plot has also been introduced. Refresh of the plot when data is changed in the editor has been fixed. The zoom scale up/down widgets are also disabled when in normal mode to avoid the bug highlighted by Robert Carlsen.

Fixes #122.