Okay, so I’ve always wanted to use the word plethora (or if you still don’t know – plethora) in a post and today seems like an excellent time.

For Garmin 800 users, you should now be able to import FIT files with workouts or courses. For Tacx users, you will now ride at sensible speeds when you start a workout mid ride and for those Garmin users importing TCX files your climbing prowess will be reduced (sorry).

Note: If you downloaded the Windows Installer before Feb 28 @ 12:55 EST then please download again as it was linking against the last development build.

Download the development build based on commit: 0c1353aa392eedb969e9

    [download id=”83″ format=”4″] (MD5)
    [download id=”84″ format=”4″] (MD5)
    [download id=”85″ format=”4″] (MD5)
    [download id=”86″ format=”4″] (MD5)

See http://github.com/srhea/GoldenCheetah/commits/ for the full commit history.