Apologises to Windows users who downloaded and installed the last build. It saved your file files into the version 2.x data area. You will need to re-import any files that you may have downloaded over the last week if you continued using last weeks builds.

The joy of development builds. Again my apologies.

These builds have a new Sidebar on the right hand side with a mini calendar. For the first use of this sidebar you may need to hunt around and expand the sidebar to actually see the calendar.

Here are the latest development builds of version 3.0.

Download the development build based on commit: 6d6eb27afe

    [download id=”176″ format=”4″] (MD5)
    [download id=”177″ format=”4″] (MD5)

For Windows and Mac, version 3.0 installs into different location and the data files are in separate directories compared to version 2.x so that they don’t conflict. You need to copy/paste from your version 2 to your version 3 if you want to use your old files.