Latest Windows build is up and it now supports importing directly from the Joule GPS. This is in beta stage so feedback is welcome. Lots of user interface (UI) modifications to make it a little more user friendly.

We are slowly migrating the WIKI over to GitHub and the majority of open Feature Requests/Bugs have been migrated to the Issue Tracker on GitHub. A big thanks to Justin Knotzke for hosting the Redmine platform that the old Feature/Bug tracker and WIKI were running on.

Download the development build based on commit: c689a90f54

    [download id=”198″ format=”4″] (MD5)

For Windows and Mac, version 3.0 installs into different location and the data files are in separate directories compared to version 2.x so that they don’t conflict. You need to copy/paste from your version 2 to your version 3 if you want to use your old files.