Latest Windows and Mac builds.

Mac build is new for me. At this time it is 64bit Intel only. Not sure how far back you can run this but I think it may do 10.5.

Would love feedback on whether it works (or not) on your Mac and OS are you running on.

Update (2012/11/19) – I have received feedback that this is not working on 10.6. I am working on getting a slightly different build environment working to support earlier releases.

Download the development build based on commit: 57a5ab8c78

    [download id=”199″ format=”4″] (MD5)
    [download id=”200″ format=”4″] (MD5)

For Windows and Mac, version 3.0 installs into different location and the data files are in separate directories compared to version 2.x so that they don’t conflict. You need to copy/paste from your version 2 to your version 3 if you want to use your old files.