Latest Windows build. Sorry Mac users – my build machine is need of some repairs.

Please let me know if using this build whether you get crashes while loading the application as it parses files.

I have changed Clucene to 0.9.21b and there was a patch implemented to hopefully work around the crashes.

Download the development build based on commit: a9ac871ce0

    [download id=”209″ format=”4″] (MD5)

For Windows and Mac, version 3.0 installs into different location and the data files are in separate directories compared to version 2.x so that they don’t conflict. You need to copy/paste from your version 2 to your version 3 if you want to use your old files. Open menu item “About – Help” or “GoldenCheetah – About” in both you 2.x or 3.x version and see where the Activity files are stored. You then copy the Athlete from one directory to the other using the OS and restart and the files should be available.