If you do not have GoldenCheetah installed then please download and enjoy the program.

If you do have GoldenCheetah installed then please note that this version uses a different Athlete directory structure and you will be prompted to migrate to this structure.

We *strongly* recommend that you back up your data before proceeding with this change.

You will be give the opportunity to cancel the change but you will need to go to the official 3.1.0 release or the previous development release.

Development builds for 2015-02-13 (Commit 5ea16e9b1e) can be downloaded from:

Two MAC builds – 10.6+ (QT4.8.4) and 10.7+ (Qt5.40)

Two Windows Builds – 32bit and 64bit. (Qt4.8.6)

Please provide feedback for this build at Development builds for 2015-02-13.