For my install, I am installing all my files into the directory: d:\coding. You can use any directory structure you like, you’ll just have to change paths. Just ensure that any folder path you use does not have a space in it.

Download the NSI installer application. I use the Portable Apps version from:
– Install in D:\Coding\NSISPortable\

Download Qt SDK from:
 (File I am using is qt-sdk-win-opensource-2010.02.1.exe)
– Install in D:\Coding\Qt

Download latest Boost from:
 (File I am using is
– Install in D:\Coding\Boost

Download the D2XX drivers:
 (File I am using is: CDM 202.06.00 WHQL
– Install in D:\Coding\D2XX

Download qwt-plot3d from:
 (File I am using is
– Install in D:\Coding\qwtplot3d

Edit D:\coding\qwtplot3d\src\qwt3d_function.cpp
– Add at top of file: #include <cstdio>
Edit D:\coding\qwtplot3d\
– Comment out: #win32:TEMPLATE    = vclib

Then I start the “Qt Command Prompt” from the Qt SDK folder.

cd d:\coding\qwtplot3d\
qmake -win32
mingw32-make release

Now check out your favourite web sites until the code is built.

Leave the Qt Command Prompt window open as we use it later.

Download GoldenCheetah source
(Either use GIT – git://
 or download the zip file:
– Install in D:\Coding\GoldenCheetah

Copy D:\Coding\GoldenCheetah\src\
  to D:\Coding\GoldenCheetah\src\gccconfig.pri and edit
– Set: BOOST_INSTALL = d:/coding/boost
– Set: D2XX_INCLUDE = d:/coding/D2XX
– Comment out #SRMIO_INSTALL
– Comment out: CONFIG += debug
– Uncomment: CONFIG += static

Copy D:\Coding\GoldenCheetah\qwt\
  to D:\Coding\GoldenCheetah\qwt\qwtconfig.pri and edit
– Set win32 { INSTALLBASE    = D:/Coding/Qt  }
– In #Qt4 win32 { section
  – Comment out: #CONFIG           += debug     # release/debug/debug_and_release
  – Add in:   CONFIG           += release

Using the “Qt Command Prompt” window from before:

cd d:\coding\GoldenCheetah
qmake -win32
mingw32-make release

Go back to checking your email or favourite web sites while this builds.

When all is finished, you should have a release version in:


Next , move required build files into the d:\coding\GoldenCheetah\src\release directory.

cd d:\coding\GoldenCheetah
copy /y ..\Qt\qt\bin\mingwm10.dll src\release\
copy /y ..\Qt\qt\bin\QtCore4.dll src\release\
copy /y ..\Qt\qt\bin\QtGui4.dll src\release\
copy /y ..\Qt\qt\bin\QtSql4.dll src\release\
copy /y ..\Qt\qt\bin\QtXml4.dll src\release\
copy /y ..\Qt\qt\bin\QtNetwork4.dll src\release\
copy /y ..\Qt\qt\bin\QtOpenGL4.dll src\release\
copy /y ..\Qt\qt\bin\QtWebKit4.dll src\release\
copy /y ..\Qt\qt\bin\QtXmlPatterns4.dll src\release\
copy /y ..\Qt\qt\bin\phonon4.dll src\release\
copy /y ..\Qt\qt\bin\libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll src\release\
copy /y ..\qwtplot3d\lib\qwtplot3d.dll src\release\
mkdir src\release\sqldrivers
copy /y ..\Qt\qt\plugins\sqldrivers\qsqlite4.dll src\release\sqldrivers\
mkdir src\release\imageformats
copy /y ..\Qt\qt\plugins\imageformats\qjpeg4.dll src\release\imageformats\

To build the self installer:

cd d:\coding\GoldenCheetah\src\win32
d:\coding\NSISPortable\App\NSIS\makensis.exe GoldenCheetahInstall.nsi

You should find the installer file in the directory you are in.

Install and enjoy.